The Ascetic 2015

Naidee Changmoh
The Ascetic 2015
2000mm x 1200mm x 1500mm

As a Buddhist. Naidee Changmoh’s work relates to Buddhist philosophy that espouses peace and balance. Inspired by children, the artwork The Ascetic was created from memories of Japanese cartoons Changmoh used to watch on TV when he was young. The young monk is starting his journey towards spiritual transformation, where the simple is sufficient, the bliss is within and the frugal
is plenty.

Acquired from Frances Keevil Gallery with funds from the Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure Program through the NSW Department of Industry.


Naidee Changmoh is a ceramic artist from Thailand,
who has exhibited internationally and recognised for his cartoon-like monk sculptures that represent positive thinking, peace and simplicity. Though he studied painting as an art student, for the past 20 years his main interest has been in ceramics. Casting in bronze has been a natural progression.

In the past few years, Changmoh has been invited to attend conferences and hold workshops in China, Singapore, Taiwan, Italy, India and England. In 2013, he came to Australia by invitation to give a demonstration at the tri-annual national ceramic event held in Gulgong in central western NSW. From that exchange, he was invited by the National Art School to be part of their Visiting Artist program. This culminated with a solo exhibition of paintings and ceramic sculptures at Frances Keevil Gallery. Naidee has been a regular participant in Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi & Cottesloe, since 2014.

Read more about Naidee Changmoh here.


Warners Bay Foreshore, opposite the cafe strip

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