No.1 Sky Pig, 天猪,2017

Guan Wei
No.1 Sky Pig, 天猪,2017
800mm x 400mm x 350mm
edition 1-3/3

“The relationship between humans and animals goes way back. People across all societies attribute different human characteristics to animals, and vice versa; the mystery of dragons, the agility of eagles, the power of lions, and the fear and cunningness of snakes. Based on these traits, I have used human qualities in their opposite to create three ‘mascots’, Sky Pig, Power Dragon, and Fish God. They have delicate details and uniquely humorous appearances.
I hope that they can bring you joy and luck in life.”

- Guan Wei, artist



关伟 2017


Acquired from the Artist with funds from the Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure Program through the
NSW Department of Industry.


Warners Bay Foreshore, east of North Creek


Guan Wei’s extraordinary career is global and he is renowned for large installations and painting triptych that combine imagery from mythology, fantasy, history and the present day. His practice draws on his personal experience of both Chinese and Australian culture, as well as an informed socio-political awareness and knowledge of art history. With a consummate ability to create work at once light in tone and profound in message, his prolific creative output has consistently examined complex social issues underpinned by a deep respect for humanity. His work conveys profound stories of loss, migration, identity, and notions of boundaries and place, interweaving an understanding of tradition and the past in the face of overwhelming global change today.

Read more about Guan Wei here.

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