Beach Blossom 2016

Antone Bruinsma
Beach Blossom 2016
2030mm x 1560mm x 1000mm

Antone Bruinsma’s Beach Blossom was inspired by the native hibiscus flower and symbolises the human spirit rising with the energies of the sun (rise). It is also reminiscent of a large raised hand. It is a welcoming
to the new day, a greeting to life, and a thanks for the lessons learned. 

The theme is universal with an emphasis on humanity ‘blossoming’ to its fullest potential while existing synergistically with Nature.

Bruinsma uses some of his flower sculptures, such as this one, to symbolise community – each petal contributing to the beauty of the whole while acknowledging and respecting individuality. 

Acquired with funds from the Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure Program through the NSW Department
of Industry.


Antone Bruinsma is an Australian-based sculptor with more than 35 years of professional experience. He moved to Australia with his family from Amsterdam, The Netherlands at the age of 12, his love for art starting after spending time with his father (a Dutch artist and painter) in his art studio. Bruinsma’s motivation is to present meaningful sculpture for public display or private enjoyment. His motto is “Blossom with the beauty of stone”, as he mainly carves stone; a beautiful natural material that fits well into just about any environment.

After attending Art College, Bruinsma held positions on the Warana Festival Committee (Brisbane), the Crafts Council (Queensland) and Society of Sculptors Queensland (president 1983—1985), to promote public art and sculpture in Queensland and Australia. 

Visit Antone Bruinsma’s website here.


Lions Park, Eleebana

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