Durable Solution 2015

Alex Seton
Durable Solution 2015
1400mm x 950mm x 120mm
edition 3-2/2

Alex Seton’s Durable Solution is a deflated rubber lifeboat from the ‘Zodiac Pool Toy’ series. For Australian audiences, these boats represent a toy designed to aid our pleasure in swimming and playing in the pool or ocean. For asylum seekers, larger boats of a similar kind serve a more desperate purpose – the carriage of families to a place of perceived safety.

The work, which continues Alex Seton’s exploration of the asylum seeker issue, began with major installation. Someone died trying to have a life like mine at the 2014 Adelaide Biennial. It begs attention to our own lives of privilege and comfort, asking us to reflect on the unseen effects of this comfortable existence.

Acquired from Sullivan+Strumpf with funds from the Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure Program through
the NSW Department of Industry.


Alex Seton’s artistic practice incorporates photography, video, sculpture and installation to investigate the complex relationship between form and substance. He is best known for his beguiling marble carving, applying his refined craftsmanship to unexpected forms. Blankets, hoodies, inflatables and national flags are rendered in stone, invoking a somatic paradox. By infusing the rich heritage of Classical statuary with contemporary concerns, Seton gives weight to the issues we face here and now.

In his recent bodies of work, life jackets and poolside toys become potent reminders of Australia’s troubling policies pertaining to asylum seekers; inflatable crowns celebrate the ease of contemporary life, too readily taken for granted. The creative process itself is interrogated in shows such as Roughing Out (Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, 2013) and Replicator (Tweed River Art Gallery, 2014), in which Seton explored his practice through performance, video and participatory works. Seton has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally.

Visit Alex Seton’s website here.


Warners Bay Foreshore, west of North Creek

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